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A Fiscal Rehabilitation Plan for the State of Illinois

The Chicago-based Civic Federation proposed measures to substantially reduce the current Illinois budget deficit in FY2011 and to place the State on better fiscal footing over the long term. Read More

The Civic Federation Releases Fiscal Rehabilitation Plan for Illinois

The Civic Federation, a 116-year-old government research organization, released today its plan to salvage the State of Illinois’ finances. Read More

Who's Next: Anil Dash

Fast Company
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Why Baby Boomers Should Rethink Retirement

US News & World Report
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Charitable Contribution

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Thumbnail for New Report on "Choosing the Nation's Fiscal Future"

New Report on "Choosing the Nation's Fiscal Future"

A new joint report from the National Research Council and the National Academy of Public Administration offers U.S. leaders ways to address the nation's fiscal problems and confront its rapidly growing debt. Read More

Live Long, But Prosper?

Los Angeles Times
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