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Nuclear Challenges

Working to reduce nuclear threats by decreasing the availability and use of weapons-useable material

About our approach

Representative Grants
Nonproliferation Policy Education Center
Arlington, Virginia 2019
$ 240,000 in support of a project to prevent allied proliferation.
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Chicago, Illinois 2019
$ 426,000 for a project on U.S. security guarantees and proliferation risk by U.S. allies.
Wonkwang University
Iksan, Korea, South 2019
$ 330,000 in support of a project to challenge pyroprocessing in South Korea.
Center for Public Integrity
Washington, D.C. 2019
$ 425,000 in support of investigative reporting on nuclear policy.
Chatham House
London, United Kingdom 2019
$ 600,000 for its project to create an interactive model for experts and policymakers to visualize the complex international system in which nuclear weapons exist.
European Leadership Network
London, United Kingdom 2020
$ 700,000 in support of general operations.

$97.9 million invested in 84 organizations since 2014

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