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"International Rivers Gets a MacArthur Prize"

From the San Francisco Chronicle
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"MacArthur Grants Go to Nonprofits in 5 Countries"

From the Associated Press
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13 Nonprofits Recognized for Exceptional Creativity and Effectiveness, Awarded up to $1.5 Million Each

MacArthur named 13 organizations in five countries as recipients of the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. The Award recognizes exceptional grantees and helps ensure their long-term sustainability. Read More
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American Documentary (POV)

Sparking conversation and engagement beyond the screen American Documentary sparks critical conversations and engagement in communities across the country by bringing its documentary films off the screen and into the real world. For 26 years, American ... Read More
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Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University

Making the justice system fair for children and families For 20 years, the Center has fought for and stood with children in conflict with the law. With a dual focus on zealous individual advocacy and systemic ... Read More
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Family Care International

Making pregnancy and childbirth safer Headquartered in New York City with locally-staffed offices in three countries in Africa and two in Latin America, Family Care International works in close partnership with governments, civil society organizations, donors ... Read More
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Fundación para la Sobrevivencia del Pueblo Cofán (COFAN)

Preserving natural resources and the future of an indigenous people Fundación para la Sobrevivencia del Pueblo Cofán (Foundation for the Survival of the Cofán People) is an indigenous support organization that focuses on ... Read More
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Housing Partnership Network

Collaboration and entrepreneurship to help house America The Housing Partnership Network improves the lives of millions of individuals, families and communities by sparking innovation and collaboration among 100 of the nation’s affordable housing and community ... Read More
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International Rivers

In Asia, Africa, and Latin America, International Rivers protects rivers and human rights threatened by some of the world's most potentially destructive dam projects. Read More


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