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Fairness by Design: How Can Big Data Advance Opportunity for All?

A live webcast about how the corporate use of algorithmic decision-making tools can be applied in ways that serve all Americans. Read More
Preserving Anonymity in Visual Media thumbnail

Preserving Anonymity in Visual Media

Google announced a new tool for selectively blurring sensitive parts of videos uploaded to YouTube, such as faces, in an important move toward preserving anonymity in visual media. Read More
Protecting Freedom of Expression and Enhancing Criminal Justice thumbnail

Protecting Freedom of Expression and Enhancing Criminal Justice

Building on its 30-year history in the field, MacArthur's human rights and international justice grantmaking strategy focuses on defending freedom of expression and enhancing criminal justice globally, with a special emphasis in Mexico and Nigeria. Watch


Portrait of Phillis D. Hollice

Phillis D. Hollice

Senior Grants Manager
Portrait of Stephanie Platz

Stephanie Platz

Managing Director, Programs

Sharon Bissell Sotelo

Director, Mexico
Portrait of Kole A. Shettima

Kole A. Shettima

Director, Africa Office
Portrait of Oladayo (Dayo) Olaide

Oladayo (Dayo) Olaide

Deputy Director, Nigeria Office
Portrait of Yvonne Darkwa-Poku

Yvonne Darkwa-Poku

Program Officer

Liliane Loya

Deputy Director, Mexico
Portrait of Eric Sears

Eric Sears

Senior Program Officer
Portrait of Ken Lee

Ken Lee

Portrait of Meredith Klein

Meredith Klein

Senior Communications Officer