Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

Seeking to nurture learner-centered secondary education models that equip economically marginalized girls with a core set of 21st century skills and attributes so that they have the opportunity to make decisions appropriate for their lives. Read our strategy and the current status of our work

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Call for Proposals to Strengthen Secondary Education thumbnail

Call for Proposals to Strengthen Secondary Education

The Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education issued its fourth call for proposals seeking innovative solutions to address critical issues that impair secondary education learning in marginalized populations. Read More
Informing Global Education Strategies thumbnail

Informing Global Education Strategies

A report by the Brookings Institution draws on wide-ranging research on scaling and learning, including 14 in-depth case studies from around the globe, to share how low- and middle-income countries are providing quality education. Read More

"Pratham Revamps ASER for Deeper Insights"

Business Standard
Related Grantee: Pratham USA
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Improving International Learning Outcomes  thumbnail

Improving International Learning Outcomes

A learning portal launched by UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning provides an interactive platform designed to help decision-makers worldwide plan for quality education and improved learning outcomes. Read More
Identifying Evidence Gaps in Secondary Education  thumbnail

Identifying Evidence Gaps in Secondary Education

Research by 3ie, supported by MacArthur in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, identifies evidence gaps in the application of transferable skills programs in low- and middle-income countries. Read More

"Where Are The Teachers?"

The Hindu
Related Grantee: ERU Consultants
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"Forging a New Deal in Education"

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Related Grantee: Schools & Teachers Innovating for Results
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Community, Family Support Critical in Girls’ Education thumbnail

Community, Family Support Critical in Girls’ Education

This report finds that poor academic performance is linked to teacher absenteeism, requirements that girls work in the home, and low aspirations and expectations for girls’ education among the girls and their families. Read More


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