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"Jail Reform a Welcome Effort"

The Post and Courier
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Reframing Public Defense thumbnail

Reframing Public Defense

As part of the Safety and Justice Challenge, the National Legal Aid & Defender Association developed a communications toolkit to help defenders better articulate the role the public defender can play in an effective criminal justice system. Read More
Chicago Residents Recommend 300 Ways to Improve Community-Police Relations thumbnail

Chicago Residents Recommend 300 Ways to Improve Community-Police Relations

More than 1,600 Chicago residents attended 19 conversations about police misconduct and community relations and then suggested 300 ways to improve police practices and restructure how police officers interact with residents. Read More

"Bring Risk to the Bail System"

Akron Beacon Journal
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Neuroscience Could Reveal Criminal Intent thumbnail

Neuroscience Could Reveal Criminal Intent

Researchers at Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and Yale universities have discovered that brain scans can identify differences between criminal intent and reckless behavior, in a study supported by the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience. Read More


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