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70 Million Podcast Focusing on Reform thumbnail

70 Million Podcast Focusing on Reform

In its second season, the 70 Million podcast focuses on people pursuing bold solutions for mass incarceration in their communities.
Reconsidering the “Violent Offender” thumbnail

Reconsidering the “Violent Offender”

A report from the Square One Project at Columbia University examines the ramifications of labeling people as “violent offenders.”

"Jail Time for Not Paying Fines"

The New York Times
Safety and Justice Challenge Evaluation Report thumbnail

Safety and Justice Challenge Evaluation Report

A strategy-level synthesis report for the evaluation of the Safety and Justice Challenge at baseline and first year of implementation.

Facebook Live Conversations at the Safety and Justice Challenge Network Meeting

Safety and Justice Challenge participants discuss on Facebook live best practices and the importance of community involvement for criminal justice reform.
Avoiding Jail Expansion thumbnail

Avoiding Jail Expansion

A guide from Prison Policy Institute provides resources for people working to prevent unneeded jail expansion.
Rethinking Justice, via the Arts thumbnail

Rethinking Justice, via the Arts

Envisioning Justice, a project of Illinois Humanities, uses creativity and art to create a public conversation about how to reimagine and reinvent the city’s criminal justice system.


Portrait of Stephanie Platz

Stephanie Platz

Managing Director, Programs
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Aisha Edwards

Program Officer
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Bria L. Gillum

Program Officer
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Patrick Griffin

Senior Program Officer
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Quinn Hanzel

Grants Manager
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Mary McClanahan Thiel

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Erica Twyman

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Maurice Samuels

Senior Evaluation Officer
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Maria Speiser

Communications Officer
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