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"The Power of Early-Stage Organizations to Change Entrenched Systems"

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Related Grantee: Measures for Justice
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Assessing Women’s Mass Incarceration thumbnail

Assessing Women’s Mass Incarceration

A report by the Prison Policy Initiative takes a close look at the female incarcerated population in the United States, assessing how many women are held in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities and why they ... Read More


Portrait of Valerie Chang

Valerie Chang

Managing Director, Programs
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Maurice Classen

Program Officer
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Patrick Griffin

Senior Program Officer
Portrait of Soledad McGrath

Soledad McGrath

Program Officer
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Quinn Hanzel

Grants Manager
Portrait of Mary McClanahan Thiel

Mary McClanahan Thiel

Team Coordinator
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Erica Twyman

Team Administrator
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Meredith Klein

Senior Communications Officer
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Maurice Samuels

Program Officer