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"Solar Power and Honey Bees Make a Sweet Combo in Minnesota"

Smithsonian Magazine
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Higher Seas to Flood Dozens of U.S. Cities thumbnail

Higher Seas to Flood Dozens of U.S. Cities

As many as 90 U.S. cities already face chronic inundation from rising seas caused by climate change, and that number could climb to as many as 670 by the end of the century, according to ...
Media Use and Public Perceptions of Global Warming in India thumbnail

Media Use and Public Perceptions of Global Warming in India

Indian media can play a positive role in increasing public engagement among a population largely unaware of the impacts of climate change, according to a report by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.


Portrait of Valerie Chang

Valerie Chang

Managing Director, Programs
Portrait of Sean Harder

Sean Harder

Communications Officer
Portrait of Jorgen Thomsen

Jorgen Thomsen

Portrait of Moutushi Sengupta

Moutushi Sengupta

Director, India Office
Portrait of John Balbach

John Balbach

Associate Director, Impact Investments
Portrait of Kate Barnes

Kate Barnes

Senior Program Officer, Conservation & Sustainable Development
Portrait of Mijo Vodopic

Mijo Vodopic

Senior Program Officer
Portrait of Gabriela Suarez

Gabriela Suarez

Senior Grants Manager
Portrait of Barbara A. Taylor

Barbara A. Taylor

Team Administrator
Portrait of Lucy Blanco

Lucy Blanco

Team Coordinator
Portrait of Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels

Program Officer
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