What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance

In 2012, MacArthur began to explore new ways of understanding the complex and interconnected challenges faced by cities around the world, and new ways to plan, manage, and govern the solutions to address them. The effort aims to help identify new research, institutions, and interventions that may help urban practitioners and policymakers make better-informed decisions to improve the lives of urban residents, reduce environmental harm, and address other social issues. What is being learned will be widely disseminated.

What's New


"They're Tracking When You Turn Off the Lights"

The Wall Street Journal
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Platform Enables Next Generation of Open City Data thumbnail

Platform Enables Next Generation of Open City Data

The platform is designed to help government officials and researchers harness the potential of data released by governments to advance policy, research, and public engagement in cities. Read More
Understanding the Activity of Cities thumbnail

Understanding the Activity of Cities

The Array of Things project seeks to create a bounty of data to better understand the environment, infrastructure, and activity of cities, creating a new public instrument for research, education, and applications that improve the lives ... Read More

"How Civic Hackers Are Helping Local Journalism"

Columbia Journalism Review
Related Grantee: Chicago Community Trust
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