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Chicago Arts and Culture Groups Receive Grants for International Collaborations thumbnail

Chicago Arts and Culture Groups Receive Grants for International Collaborations

As part of the Foundation's International Connections Fund, grants will support 10 Chicago arts and culture organizations for diverse artistic exchanges in eight countries, including Haiti, Qatar, Russia, and South Africa.
There Grows the Neighborhood  thumbnail

There Grows the Neighborhood

Sweet Water Foundation transformed four blocks in Englewood to cultivate community and help build skills, resources, and opportunities for residents.


Portrait of Stephanie Platz

Stephanie Platz

Managing Director, Programs
Portrait of Tara Magner

Tara Magner

Portrait of Craig Howard

Craig Howard

Director, Community & Economic Development
Portrait of Allison Clark

Allison Clark

Associate Director, Impact Investments
Portrait of Janice A. Dunbar

Janice A. Dunbar

Senior Grants Manager
Portrait of Cate A. Fox

Cate A. Fox

Senior Program Officer
Portrait of Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin

Senior Program Officer, Criminal Justice
Portrait of Geoffrey Banks

Geoffrey Banks

Program Officer
Portrait of Tawa Mitchell

Tawa Mitchell

Program Officer
Portrait of Karen S. Hott

Karen S. Hott

Team Administrator
Portrait of Mindy Martinez

Mindy Martinez

Team Coordinator
Portrait of Louise Powell

Louise Powell

Team Coordinator
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