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"Illinois' Vanishing Bugs and Why it Matters to Earth"

Chicago Tribune
Related Grantee: Field Museum
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"Sheila Jordan and Paul Marinaro Energize Jazz Fest"

Chicago Tribune
Jason Moran, 2010 MacArthur Fellow
Related Grantee: Jazz Institute of Chicago
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"Meet the Museum's Only Field Biologist"

Field Museum
Steven Goodman, 2005 MacArthur Fellow
Related Grantee: Field Museum
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Portrait of Stephanie Platz

Stephanie Platz

Managing Director, Programs
Portrait of Tara Magner

Tara Magner

Portrait of Craig Howard

Craig Howard

Director, Community & Economic Development
Portrait of Allison Clark

Allison Clark

Associate Director, Impact Investments
Portrait of Janice A. Dunbar

Janice A. Dunbar

Grants Manager
Portrait of Cate A. Fox

Cate A. Fox

Senior Program Officer
Portrait of Soledad McGrath

Soledad McGrath

Program Officer, Criminal Justice
Portrait of Tawa Mitchell

Tawa Mitchell

Program Officer
Portrait of Karen S. Hott

Karen S. Hott

Team Administrator
Portrait of Louise Powell

Louise Powell

Team Coordinator
Portrait of Emily B. Friedman

Emily B. Friedman

Associate General Counsel
Portrait of Kristen Mack

Kristen Mack

Communications Officer
Portrait of Maurice Samuels

Maurice Samuels

Program Officer