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Accelerating an end to homelessness in 75 U.S. communities in five years


More than 1.5 million people experience homelessness each year in the United States. Homelessness shortens lives by years, undermines health, interrupts schooling for children, leaves lifelong scars, and prevents adults from finding and holding jobs. Longstanding approaches to homelessness have enabled it to become a pervasive and enduring crisis across the country.

The country’s homelessness crisis is deeply intertwined with historical and contemporary racism, disproportionately impacting Black people and Native Americans. Black people represent 13 percent of the United States population but make up 48 percent of those who are experiencing homelessness.

Our Solution

Community Solutions powers Built for Zero, a network of 81 communities that use a rigorous, data-driven, public health approach to reduce and end homelessness. Using this approach, 13 communities have ended chronic or veteran homelessness.

Community Solutions helps communities drive systems changes to end to homelessness. The initiative brings together local government agencies and nonprofit organizations and facilitates collaboration and accountability. The organization coaches local leaders on using individual-level, real-time data to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of homelessness in their community. Using data, communities are able to identify key opportunities to intervene, track outcomes, and target resources to address gaps in housing. Community Solutions regularly convenes local teams from across the country to facilitate peer learning, train community leaders in key skills, and sustain momentum for ambitious change.

About Our Team

Community Solutions is a team of 64 people working to end homelessness. Our team supports 81 communities working to measurably end homelessness by harnessing the power of systems thinking, quality improvement, and data-driven solutions.

Team Leads

Rosanne Haggerty, President
Paulette Martin, COO
Jamie Schleck, CFO
Beth Sandor, Principal, Built for Zero
Jake Maguire, Principal, Built for Zero
Jessica Venegas, Principal, Strategic Partnerships
Dave Foster, Principal, Real Estate
Anna Kim, Principal, Strategic Communications

More Information

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Project contact

Anna Kim, Principal, Strategic Communications, Community Solutions, (929) 263-4181


Social Media

Twitter: @cmtysolutions, @builtforzero
Facebook: @cmtysolutions, @builtforzero
YouTube: Community Solutions, Built for Zero
Instagram: @cmtysolutions

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