Assisting Transnational Migrant Families
November 22, 2013 | Publication | Migration

A report by the Institute for Women in Migration, a MacArthur grantee, highlights innovative ways in which civil society organizations and government agencies are aiding families separated as a result of tightening of immigration policies and practices in the U.S. and the deportation of more than a million Mexican migrants. Organizations in the U.S.-Mexico border region have had a long-standing awareness of family separation issues, and have developed best practices to respond to the needs of recently deported parents. However, many families are returning to other areas in Mexico, where local agencies and organizations have limited awareness and resources to provide assistance. The report identifies key actors in both the U.S. and Mexico that provide services to families following a return to Mexico, examines gaps in services and policies that impact transnational families, and highlights best practices developed to attend to families’ complex needs.

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