Program Directors Reflect on Creative Leadership and Addressing Inequities

December 16, 2021 Perspectives

Annually, all of our program Directors reflect on the state of their fields, lessons learned in their work, and new horizons for their programs. Read about each of their perspectives below.



Chicago Commitment
Sharing and Shifting Power: Lessons from Participatory Grantmaking ›
Tara Magner




Climate Solutions
Meeting the Methane Moment ›
Jorgen Thomsen




Criminal Justice
Challenges and Opportunity: Safely and Equitably Reducing the Use of Jails ›
Laurie Garduque



DebraSchwartz and JohnBalbach

Impact Investments
Investing with Fierce Resolve 
Debra Schwartz & John Balbach




Journalism & Media
Reimagining Nonprofit Leadership Models ›
Kathy Im




MacArthur Fellows
New Possibilities with Participatory Inclusion ›
Marlies Carruth



ValerieChang, TheoKalionzes and AngelaSchlater

Nuclear Challenges
Hard Choices and Inspiring Creativity ›
Valerie Chang, Theo Kalionzes & Angela Schlater



KoleShettima, ErinSines

On Nigeria
A Strategy for Equity and Inclusion ›
Kole Shettima & Erin Sines




Technology in the Public Interest
Philanthropy Has a Role in Improving Tech Accountability ›
Eric Sears