MacArthur’s strategy focuses on improving access to effective mental health services by helping to move the most promising advances from research into policy and practice. Improved access to more effective mental health services will help individuals lead productive lives, contribute to community well-being and safety, and make better use of scarce health care resources.  The Foundation has followed two lines of action: accelerating progress on practical and policy questions that address the cost-effectiveness of treatments in reducing the personal and social burden of mental illness; and improving the knowledge and technology for bringing scientifically proven effective treatments into community care settings.  With the decline of a system dominated by state mental institutions, the policy challenge today is to improve mental health services and treatment in settings governed by agencies in education, primary care, criminal and juvenile justice, housing, and social welfare. Foreshadowing the changing landscape, the Foundation’s grantmaking has evolved to take into account this shift and has moved increasingly from a targeted focus on mental health research, law, and policy to a more distributed strategy that addresses mental health needs where they occur — in schools, communities, and the justice system, indeed in every aspect of its U.S. grantmaking. 

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