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Globally, the pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities for women, trans people, and children who are Indigenous or ethnic-minorities. To ensure an equitable recovery, it is essential to address their specific needs and respond to increased gender-based violence, a rise in racism, reduced access to healthcare, fewer safe spaces, limited access to technology, and unequal workloads. We awarded grants to organizations that are uniquely situated to develop strategies with and for communities based on long-term relationships, a keen awareness of locally defined needs, and culturally appropriate responses. Organizations receiving grants include:

  • Prospera, for Resourcing Feminist Movements during COVID-19, which will receive $200,000 to ensure that organizations and groups representing the full range of constituencies in women’s movements can respond to the immediate impacts of COVID-19 and collectively create transformative new visions of the world.
  • Global Greengrants Fund will receive $450,000 to aid communities accessing clean and safe water, improving traditional food systems, and supporting local needs as shared by regional advisory committees.