2023 Just Tech Fellows Imagine New Tech Futures
June 21, 2023 | Grantee News | Technology in the Public Interest
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To create just, equitable public interest tech ecosystems, we need to center and support voices from the communities most impacted by tech’s biases and harms. Seven leaders imagining new tech futures that embrace social justice, equity, and self-determination were named 2023 Just Tech Fellows. They tackle complex public interest technology issues, including organizer and poet Tawana Petty; community organizer Adrienne Williams; sex worker, community organizer, and public health researcher Danielle Blunt; computer scientist and public interest technologist Jay Cunningham; artist, engineer, and educator Johann Diedrick; assistant professor of science, technology, and society at Virginia Tech Fernanda Rosa; and disability justice advocate Jess Moore Matthews.  

Social Science Research Council provides the researchers and practitioners with unrestricted funding and holistic support over two years. Their expertise and experiential knowledge can help move us toward a technological future that works for all.

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