Mexico Approves More Public Funding for Gender Equity
January 11, 2008 | Grantee News | Population & Reproductive Health

Based on information provided by a coalition of 12 MacArthur Population and Reproductive Health grantees, the Mexican House of Representatives increased the amount of public funds earmarked for programs that benefit gender equity by 1.5 billion pesos ($1.5 million). This is the largest-ever increase for gender programs in the budget, and the decision raises the total amount for the programs to 7 billion pesos ($700 million). The coalition, led by Fundar, Kinal Antsetik, and Comunicación e Información para la Mujer, reviewed government budgets, hospital records, and statistics on maternal deaths to help lawmakers target where and how additional funds could be used. Most of the money will support the implementation of two laws to advance gender equity and combat violence against women; these laws complement the Foundation’s work in Mexico to prevent maternal mortality and improve young people’s access to quality reproductive and sexual health services.

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