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MacArthur is joining with nine other philanthropies in a new initiative focused on AI governance to benefit people and society, centering individuals and communities most at risk of harm. The initiative aligns the philanthropies’ grantmaking with Vice President Kamala Harris’s framework seeking to ensure that AI advances the public interest.

The priorities are to:

  • Ensure that AI protects democracy and the rights and freedoms of all people;
  • Leverage AI to innovate in the public interest and deliver breakthroughs to improve quality of life for people around the world;
  • Empower workers to thrive amid AI-driven changes across sectors and industries;
  • Improve transparency, interpretability, and accountability for AI models, companies, and deployers; and
  • Support the development of international AI rules and norms.

Participating foundations are already investing more than $200 million towards achieving these priorities, with plans for additional coordinated actions going forward. Together, we are working to build an AI future where everyone has protections from the harms of AI and can share in the benefits of this technology.

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