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August 24, 2017 | Article | 100&Change

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, in conjunction with the philanthropy radio show The Business of Giving, featured a series of interviews with the 100&Change semi-finalists. You can listen to their conversations and learn more about their proposals to change how society cares for children in orphanages, eliminate hidden hunger, eliminate needless blindness, improve newborn survival in Africa, digitize millions of books, educate refugee children, and more.

How $100 Million Could Keep Kids at Home and Out of Orphanages
Catholic Relief Services


How $100 Million Could Help Solve ‘Hidden Hunger’


How $100 Million Could Help Prevent Blindness
Himalayan Cataract Project


A $100 Million Way to Get Better, Faster Health Care to People in Need
Human Diagnosis Project


How $100 Million Could Help Digitize Millions of Important Books
Internet Archive


How $100 Million Can Breathe New Life Into Preterm Infants
Rice 360° Institute for Global Health


How $100 Million Can Change the Future for Young Refugees
Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee


Making a $100 Million Plan to Eradicate River Blindness
The Carter Center

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