How the Foundation Sources Investment Managers

The Foundation sources prospective managers through a variety of means, including references, discussions with peers and other managers, research and investigation by the Foundation, placement agents retained by prospective managers, and solicitations directly from managers. The Foundation seeks to retain managers that generate consistent alpha and, within the public markets, has been focused on hedge funds in lieu of more traditional “long only” funds. In private and public asset classes, the Foundation also wants to see assets under management that are commensurate with the manager’s strategy and can adequately support the manager’s business model and prospects for success.

 In evaluating a prospective manager, the Foundation considers a number of factors including, among others, the following: assets under management, the fit within its overall strategic approach; past performance; extent of drawdowns in a variety of market conditions; transparency in reporting and policies; consideration of the manager’s financial, accounting, risk, ethics, and other policies, including its approach to environmental, social and governance factors; and statistical analysis of factors the Foundation considers important in obtaining strong risk adjusted returns such as the information ratio, alpha generation, tracking error, and volatility.

The Foundation is also committed to identifying high-performing minority and women-owned investment management firms that meet the Foundation’s investment criteria and welcomes expressions of interest from those firms.

Managers interested in being considered by the Foundation should contact the following staff:

Private Equity: Mark Franke or Melissa Richlen
Fixed Income and Liquid Credit: David Greenwald or Joseph Rumph
Global Public Equities: Jonathan Leight or Eric Vaang
Real Estate and Energy: Caixia Ziegler