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MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions / Meet the 2010 Recipients

Arms Control Association

Washington, District of Columbia
Published January 19, 2010
Image of Arms Control Association

A watchdog and advocate for preventing nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism

The Washington, D.C.-based Arms Control Association works to reduce the threats posed by the world's most dangerous weapons. It does so through analysis, research, and outreach, including making information about nuclear and international security issues accessible to non-experts through its monthly journal Arms Control Today.

How can we move closer to a world without nuclear weapons? With Senate approval of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, what further nuclear disarmament steps should be pursued? How can we better contain the spread of nuclear weapons-related technology as more states pursue nuclear power production? These are among the difficult questions addressed by the Arms Control Association, which publishes reports and issue briefs and arranges briefings for diplomats, policymakers, journalists, industry insiders, and citizens. The association keeps nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons issues in the public eye and informs the national debate on arms control, nonproliferation, and nuclear security. It documents compliance with arms control agreements, sheds light on overlooked threats, and explains the weapons-related capabilities of states such as Iran and North Korea. A leading voice for four decades, the association aims to expand its reach to a broader international audience and its capacity to disseminate news and analysis on arms control issues in the digital age.

The Arms Control Association will use its $500,000 award to establish an operating reserve and to develop and execute a communications plan and a strategic plan for donor outreach.


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