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Report Details Benefits of Energy Efficiency for Low-Income Americans

A report by the Environmental Defense Fund outlines the widespread benefits of low-income energy efficiency programs and concrete steps that states can take as they continue to implement climate solutions. More

Dam Projects Impacting Amazon Ecosystem

The Amazon's ecosystem is being rapidly altered by a wave of new hydropower development, according to a report by the Florida International University Insitute of Water and Environment. More

Assessing Attitudes on Local Justice Systems

A nationwide poll supported by MacArthur found that more than one in three Americans believe rehabilitation and treatment are the primary purposes for jail, as opposed to punishment.  More

Facial Scans at U.S. Airports Violate Americans’ Privacy, Report Says

A report by the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law warns of the potential dangers and ineffectiveness of facial recognition scanning soon to rollout at airports nationwide.  More

The Incidence of Abortion and Unintended Pregnancy in India

A report by the Population Council and the Guttmacher Institute finds that almost half of the 48.1 million pregnancies that occur in India each year are unintended, and two thirds of all unintended pregnancies end in abortion. More

Growth in Rental Housing Market May be Coming to End

A decade of growth in the rental housing market may be coming to an end, according to the 2017 America's Rental Housing report by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.  More

Record Share of Americans Worried About Climate Change

A survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication finds that the share of Americans who say they are "very worried" about global warming has reached 22 percent, a record high since first measured in 2008.  More

Immigrants Misrepresented in Popular Television

A media analysis by the MacArthur-supported Opportunity Agenda finds that immigrants are undrerepresented and often unfairly portrayed in popular television shows.  More

What Works to Improve Secondary Education in Developing Countries

A literature review released by the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education, supported by MacArthur, summarizes evidence on approaches to increasing participation, improving learning, and enhancing the relevance of secondary education in developing countries. More

Innovative Chicago ESL Program Improves Learning

An evaluation released by Instituto del Progresso Latino in Chicago shows that a model blending online learning with in-person support proved to be a viable option for high-impact distance learning in ESL and Adult Education. More