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We are committed to sharing the results of our grantmaking and the lessons we learn as we carry out our work. We believe it is important to evaluate and reflect regularly, study the findings of research and reports generated with our support, and communicate the results with those in the field and with the public.Read more about our learning philosophy

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Assessing International Labor Recruitment

In April 2013 MacArthur and the Open Society Foundation convened experts, advocates, policy specialists, and representatives from international and national organizations to discuss international labor recruitment. More

Discussing Accountability in Maternal and Reproductive Health

In the springs of 2013 and 2012, MacArthur supported two convenings – one in Nigeria and another in Oaxaca, Mexico – on accountability efforts to improve maternal and reproductive health.  More

Crisis Migration Convening

In February 2013, MacArthur brought together experts to explore the concept of “crisis migration,” a term meant to capture the complex interactions between humanitarian crises and human mobility. More

International Development Roundtables

Beginning in March 2012, MacArthur, in collaboration with the International Development Program and the Bernard Schwartz Forum on Constructive Capitalism at Johns Hopkins, hosted three roundtables on themes and trends in international development.  More

Arctic Funders’ Group Consultation

MacArthur hosted a meeting in July 2012 on the Russian Arctic as part of the Foundation’s interest in exploring the possibility of funding projects as part of our new them of “Russia’s Global Engagement.” More

Summary of Population & Reproductive Health Consultations

The consultations address current perspectives on population growth, maternal mortality and morbidities, maternal and reproductive health in humanitarian crisis settings, scaling-up of interventions, and young people’s sexual and reproductive health.  More

Meeting of Russia Experts and Donors

This report summarizes a meeting held in May 2012 between U.S. donors who have been active in Russia, including MacArthur, regarding the possibilities for constructive grantmaking in Russia moving forward.  More

Conservation & Sustainable Development White Papers

A collection of research, the white papers below cover a broad spectrum of work conducted within the conservation & sustainable development program. More