On Nigeria Grant Guidelines


This grantmaking seeks to reduce corruption by supporting Nigerian-led efforts that strengthen accountability, transparency, and participation.

Through targeted support to primarily Nigerian organizations, we aim to bolster the momentum around Nigeria’s efforts to strengthen accountability and reduce corruption. All organizations work together in cohorts to set and achieve their shared goals and objectives. Our strategy has four complementary areas of focus:

  • Supporting independent media and journalism to expose corruption and share information about anti-corruption wins;
  • Strengthening the criminal justice system through nationwide implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, complementary laws and policies, and stronger and more harmonized anti-corruption agencies;
  • Supporting advocacy, accountability, and community mobilization projects to enable needed policy change and to create opportunities for Nigerians to demand action from their government; and
  • Enabling faith communities and leaders to reflect on the effects of corruption in society and what their faith traditions say about living with integrity and supporting artists and entertainers to create compelling content about corruption and its costs to Nigerian society.

What We Fund

The media and journalism component of our work seeks to strengthen investigative and data-driven journalism in Nigeria and to reinforce the role played by independent media and individuals in revealing and documenting corruption. This approach is an important part of reaching and galvanizing people and communities across the country in the fight against corruption and generating widespread demand for transparency and accountability.

To strengthen the criminal justice system in ways that will combat corruption at all levels and improve government effectiveness, we support civil society organizations that strengthen the legal environment through the implementation of the 2015 Administration of Criminal Justice Act nationally and in select states. We also support anti-corruption agencies to coordinate and harmonize their work.

Additional grantmaking supports entertainment organizations and content creators to explore corruption-related topics in their programming. Grants also fund efforts by religious leaders and interfaith organizations to serve as anti-corruption champions and to encourage dialogue at the intersection of corruption, accountability, and religion in Nigerian society.


Updated June 2021


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