International Peace & Security Grant Guidelines


MacArthur’s goals in the area of international peace and security grantmaking are to prevent nuclear terrorism and strengthen stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

What MacArthur Funds

Nuclear Security

Policy Research

Supported policy research projects aim to prevent the theft or diversion of fissile materials from military and civilian sites, ensure that the inevitable growth in nuclear power does not increase the availability of fissile materials for terrorist groups, and end reliance on weapon-usable material.

In addition, we support a limited number of innovative projects that: 1) seek to effectively address, in a stabilizing manner, the strategic implications of deeper reductions in nuclear arsenals; and, 2) provide new insights and approaches to security challenges arising from national efforts to acquire nuclear weapons (e.g. Iran and North Korea).

MacArthur is not considering unsolicited letters of inquiry at this time.

Advanced Education

MacArthur does not consider unsolicited proposals in the area of Advanced Education in Nuclear Security.

Questions about this grantmaking area can be addressed to Director Emma Belcher.

Asia Security Initiative

Policy Research

MacArthur ended the Asia Security Initiative in December, 2014.

The Foundation is proud of the increased communication and dialogue its Asia Security Initiative has sparked between policy experts, and encouraged to see the work of its grantees being used to inform decision-making by policymakers. The Foundation always intended for the initiative, which began in 2009, to be a time-limited investment with the goal of promoting stability and greater security in Asia. Grantmaking under the initiative ended in 2014, and no new grant proposals will be solicited or accepted. The Foundation, however, will continue to make grants related to Asia under its continuing programs, including Conservation and Sustainable Development, Nuclear Security, Girls Secondary Education, and more.

All grants that are still in force under the Asia Security Initiative will continue to receive support from MacArthur staff. 

Updated November 2015