Climate Solutions Grant Guidelines


Through this grantmaking, we support efforts to turn the corner on rising emissions of greenhouse gases by 2025, a threshold beyond which scientists agree that rising seas, severe droughts, and food and water security become permanent challenges to humankind. To meet that goal, international leadership and cooperation is needed to slow the rate of climate change quickly, and to put in place the systematic changes needed to drive down emissions steeply in the long term.

Given the current, and evolving, approaches to address climate change, grants focus on building and sustaining sufficient leadership in the United States, India, and China.

In the United States, grants aim to assist the United States meet its own responsibilities to address climate change and reduce emissions by supporting efforts that help:

  • Place a price on carbon;
  • Reduce methane emissions, especially from development and production of oil and natural gas;
  • Alter the fuel mix for electricity generation by decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and increasing the use of renewable sources; and
  • Implement bilateral and international agreements with key developing countries on policies or programs to address climate issues.

To enable and assist India’s demonstrated and growing leadership on climate change, initial grantmaking supports efforts that:

  • Improve the capacity of non-governmental organizations to engage with the Indian government on climate policy;
  • Build support for an emissions trading scheme;
  • Catalyze renewable energy production by filling critical knowledge gaps; and
  • Encourage clean technology adoption through targeted capacity building.

Current and future grants will promote efforts within and between the United States, China, and India, among other nations, for leadership, policy development, best practices, and innovations designed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


While we are not accepting unsolicited proposals at this time, we are always eager to hear new ideas and perspectives.



Updated June 2018


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