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"The Origin of Mutants"

September 8, 1988

"Opening an Inquiry that Elicits Creative Thinking"

December 12, 1987
Ideas in Conversation

"Recognizing Gaddis"

November 15, 1987
The New York Times Magazine

"Conlon Nancarrow, On a Roll"

October 25, 1987
The New York Times

"Ophthalmology in Kenya"

October 10, 1987
Arch Ophthalmol

"A.D. Momigliano, Historian and Classics Professor, Dies"

September 3, 1987
The New York Times

"Third World Countries"

March 3, 1986

"The Dominion of Wrath"

August 25, 1985
The New York Times

“Fritz John: Collected Papers, Volume 1”

August 12, 1985
Springer Science & Business Media
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