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  • $500,000

    2015 (Inactive Grant)

    Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

    HOUSTON, TEXAS — Pratham USA is a US public charity that supports the work of Pratham, an Indian based non-profit organization that develops innovative models of education for improved learning. Pratham also leads global, regional, and national organizations in creating citizen-led assessments and movements focused on building educational accountability. With this award, Pratham is consolidating and continuing to build evidence from previous grants, research, and successful interventions on secondary education that improve learning outcomes for youth, especially girls, as they move beyond primary schooling. Pratham is also developing rapid assessment tools for post-primary aged youth that will contribute to the growing field of citizen-led assessments.

  • $257,000

    2012 (Inactive Grant)

    Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

    HOUSTON, TEXAS — Pratham, an education NGO in India, will adapt and evaluate a model to help girls who are at risk of dropping out of school and to re-engage those who have already left formal schooling. The Pratham Open Schools model will be adapted and tested in Foundation focus states Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  • $380,000

    2011 (Inactive Grant)

    Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

    HOUSTON, TEXAS — Pratham, an NGO focused on education in India, will carry out two studies on post-primary education in India, with a focus on the needs and challenges of girls. The first study will bring together many disparate sources of existing data and information to improve understanding of the current state of post-primary education in India. The second study will follow a cohort of children in post-primary schools in two states in India to assess their learning outcomes and, at the same time, look at how post-primary schools are organized, functioning, and the capacity of teachers.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Pratham USA $1,137,000 between 1978 and 2017.

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