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Grants to Guidestar

  • $270,000

    2014 (Inactive Grant)


    WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA — Founded in 1994, GuideStar collects, analyzes and provides to the public financial and programmatic information about nonprofit organizations. Its services are used by foundations and individual donors to conduct legal and financial analysis, and by nonprofit organizations and others to conduct benchmarking analysis of peer organizations. By making data readily available and searchable, GuideStar promotes transparency and accountability within the nonprofit field. This grant will provide general support to GuideStar’s operations.

  • $150,000

    2011 (Inactive Grant)


    WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA — GuideStar ( is an Internet service that provides information on over 1.8 million U.S. nonprofit organizations, especially to potential donors. It is free to 99 percent of the site’s more than six million annual visitors. This grant will provide general support.

  • $150,000

    2008 (Inactive Grant)


    WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA — In general support of GuideStar (over three years).

  • $20,000

    2004 (Inactive Grant)


    WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA — In support of the planning process for the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau Modernization Project.

  • $60,000

    2004 (Inactive Grant)


    WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA — In support of GuideStar, a free Internet service providing financial and programmatic information on U.S. nonprofit organizations (over three years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Guidestar $650,000 between 1978 and 2017.

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