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Brussels, Belgium

KOIS INVEST was awarded $295,000 in 2016, including 1 grant in Impact Investments.


2016 • 1 year • Impact Investments

A Brussels, Belgium-based firm that deploys capital in impact-oriented businesses and funds for the dual purpose of generating a competitive financial return along with a positive impact on society and environment, KOIS Invest is assessing the feasibility of a holding company investment structure as a mechanism to: a) preserve impact for mature social enterprises, and b) provide a vehicle for more widespread deployment of impact capital. The feasibility study will examine the efficacy and potential for the holding company structure from three perspectives: a) asset owners and investors, b) investees, and c) governance. KOIS will use this information to better understand the scope of the opportunity and to assess market interest, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the launch and replication of multiple holding company structures focused on social impact.

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