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Prayas (Energy Group)

Pune, India

Prayas (Energy Group) was awarded $600,000 in 2016, including 1 grant in Climate Solutions.


2016 • 3 years • Climate Solutions

Prayas furthers public interest in energy issues through evidenced-based policy analysis and advocacy. India’s energy consumption, particularly from residential users, is likely to increase greatly in the coming decades as the nation proceeds with its economic development strategies and with efforts to broaden access to reliable power across the country. At the same time, central and state governments will be making critical decisions about increasing power generation, modernizing the grid, and developing policies to govern energy markets. To meet public and private sector needs, changes are underway in how energy is produced, transmitted, and consumed. Prayas will focus on developing a deeper understanding of residential energy consumption and ways to model different fuel mixes, energy policies, and infrastructure investments. The grant supports Prayas for data collection, energy market modeling, and policy analysis.

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