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World Security Institute

Grants to World Security Institute

  • $100,000

    2010 (Inactive Grant)


    WASHINGTON, D.C. — To support"Johnson's Russia List" , a daily electronic digest of news and analysis on political, economic, and security developments in Russia (over two years).

  • $50,000

    2008 (Inactive Grant)


    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In support of an internet-based newsletter of daily news, analysis, and opinion about Russia (over two years).

  • $125,000

    2006 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — In support of "Emmanuel's War, Emmanuel's Peace," a documentary film which chronicles the life of a former child Sudanese soldier who has become an international rap star.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded World Security Institute $275,000 between 1978 and 2017.

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