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Foundations Award $3.5 Million to PBS NewsHour

The funding will enable travel across the country for reporting from the field and will support the Digital Election Data Center, a tool for viewers to follow the election. Read More
Thumbnail for Reporting Partnership Explores Challenges to World's Food Supply

Reporting Partnership Explores Challenges to World's Food Supply

Food for 9 Billion examines the difficulty of feeding the world in the face of growing populations, shrinking resources, and changing diets. Read More

PBS NewsHour Via Phone

Using technology to expand its audience, PBS NewsHour, a MacArthur grantee, made its audio track available from mobile and land line phones. Read More

Reporting America at War

In television's first comprehensive look at an extremely timely issue, Reporting America at War explores the role of American journalists in the pivotal conflicts of the 20th century and beyond. From San Juan Hill to ... Read More

The Glory and the Power

The Glory and the Power reveals the stories of individuals who live with a disciplined sense of religious piety. The film documents parts of a five-year worldwide study of religious fundamentalism conducted by a team of ... Read More