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WETA Public Television & Radio

Grants to WETA Public Television & Radio

  • $1,200,000

    2016 (Duration 2 years)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — WETA is the public television station serving the Greater Washington, D.C. area, and it is the production home for PBS NewsHour, the daily, flagship news program on public television stations nationwide. The NewsHour provides deep and nuanced analysis of daily national and international events and special coverage of under-reported issues in health, education, science and the arts.  It is available to American audiences via television broadcast, its website and mobile app, through social media and third party platforms, such as YouTube. This grant seeks to support and sustain a strong newsroom with the capability to deliver high quality explanatory journalism that informs Americans about the major events and issues of the day. 

  • $50,000

    2015 (Inactive Grant)

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — WETA Public Television & Radio (WETA), the leading public broadcasting station in Washington, DC, produces educational, cultural, news and public affairs programs, and services for national broadcast on PBS, including more than 30 years of performance specials at the White House. On October 14, 2015, to mark the 50th anniversary of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), WETA produced and recorded a concert at the White House celebrating the diversity of American music. Music and literary readings were performed by artists honored or supported by the NEH. The grant supports WETA’s efforts to edit and broadcast the concert for public television audiences and create a website with downloadable curriculum and educational materials for teachers and students. MacArthur, along with the Carnegie and Ford Foundations, is providing one-time support for the NEH’s anniversary events, which are intended to raise awareness of the Endowment’s role in supporting America’s cultural life.

  • $1,500,000

    2013 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — The PBS NewsHour is the signature news and public affairs program broadcast on public television. It covers a set of issues important to the country in a manner that is deep, sustained, and thoughtful helping audiences fully understand current events. The program’s priority beats include politics, the economy, education, science, health, and international issues. This grant provides general support for The PBS NewsHour, enabling it to pursue its highly regarded form of serious journalism and to continue to develop and implement digital strategies that will grow its audience on all platforms.

  • $1,000,000

    2012 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — The PBS NewsHour is the signature news and public affairs program broadcast on public television as well as on radio in the U.S. and internationally. It is widely considered one of the most informative and balanced newscasts on television, and it has won every major award in journalism for its thoughtful analysis and civil discourse on the most important news stories of the day. Every night, across the country, on primetime, The NewsHour television broadcast draws a consistent audience of 1 million nightly viewers. Its digital audience has grown rapidly over the last year and now sees 3 million page views each month.

  • $39,500

    2012 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — WETA Public Television & Radio is the PBS station serving the greater Washington, D.C. area and the presenting station of The PBS NewsHour. This grant supports a research project that will collect and analyze data on news consumers which will be used to better understanding and to help expand the audience for The PBS NewsHour.

  • $1,000,000

    2010 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — In support of The NewsHour, a nightly primetime news program on PBS (over three years).

  • $200,000

    2003 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — In support of the documentary film "Reporting America at War".

  • $350,000

    1998 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — To support a documentary series on the role of class in American society.

  • $250,000

    1996 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — For "Jazz," a public television series (over two years).

  • $250,000

    1995 (Inactive Grant)

    Journalism & Media

    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — For "Vote for Me: Politics in America," a public television documentary series that examines electoral politics as a reflection of American culture (over two years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded WETA Public Television & Radio $5,839,500 between 1978 and 2018.

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