National Housing Conference was awarded $2,953,000 between 2006 and 2015, including 9 grants in Housing and MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions.


2015 • 4 years, 4 months • Housing

The National Housing Conference (NHC), founded in 1931, is a research, policy, and advocacy organization dedicated to helping ensure that all Americans have access to safe, decent, and affordable housing. Through its convenings and research activities, the NHC broadens awareness of the nation's affordable housing challenges, and examines the impact of policies and programs developed to meet those needs. With this project, the NHC will spearhead collaboration among several key partners, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Urban Land Institute, and the Urban Institute, to host two national conferences on the How Housing Matters to Families and communities body of research. As in years past, these highprofile conferences aim to bring awareness to the findings that are emerging from the research and that are showing the pathways through which housing makes a difference in health, educational success, and economic opportunity. The conferences are important venues to connect the research to real-world approaches that maximize the positive benefits of decent, stable, affordable housing to these other outcomes. In addition, the convenings are essential to the Foundation's legacy goal of engaging policymakers and practitioners outside of housing.


2014 • 1 year • Housing

The National Housing Conference and its research division, the Center for Housing Policy, seek to ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing by developing ideas, resources, and policy solutions to shape housing policy and practice. In 2011, with support from the Foundation, the Conference published accessible literature reviews on the intersection of housing with health and education that have since been widely used and broadly cited. However, the evidence has expanded significantly since that time. The Center will use this grant to synthesize research and create and disseminate case studies, literature reviews, and practical guides on the intersection of housing, health and education.


2013 • 2 years • Housing

The National Housing Conference is dedicated to helping ensure safe, decent and affordable housing for all Americans by actively engaging and convening its membership in promoting effective local, state and federal housing policy solutions. The Center for Housing Policy--the Conference's research affiliate--works to broaden awareness about the nation's housing challenges and identify effective policy solutions to increase the availability of affordable homes. This grant funds a track on the Foundation's How Housing Matters initiative at the biennial 2013 Solutions Conference, and support for research activities in 2014.


2011 • 1 year • Housing

To support a national meeting, Solutions for Sustainable Communities: 2011 Learning Conference on State and Local Housing Policy.


2009 • 11 months • MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions

To make strategic investments in technology infrastructure, business planning, and new facilities.


2009 • 1 year • Housing

To support a symposium on affordable rental housing preservation.


2008 • 2 years • Housing

To conduct four regional conferences on policies to promote rental housing preservation (over two years).


2007 • 1 year • Housing

In support of conferences, policy papers, and communications related to affordable rental housing.


2006 • 1 year • Housing

In support of a policy summit titled Fulfilling the Dream: Shaping Housing Policy for Future Generations.

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