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Catholic Relief Services

Baltimore, Maryland

Catholic Relief Services was awarded $15,475,000 between 1999 and 2017, including 3 grants in 100&Change.


2017 • 7 months • 100&Change

This grant was awarded in recognition of 100&Change semifinalist status.


2017 • 5 years • 100&Change

Catholic Relief Services, in partnership with Lumos and Maestral International, will use this award to launch Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC).  CTWWC is a global movement designed to promote family-based care, and a platform to change the way the world cares for children.  With this award, CTWWC has prioritized implementation activities in Moldova and Kenya. With a modest investment of funds, Moldova will be poised to complete the reintegration of institutionalized children, who are primarily children with disabilities. In Kenya, CTWWC will build upon the Kenyan Government's clear political will to promote family care over orphanages and will leverage the consortium's existing child-focused initiatives and additional projects in-country to complement and amplify the impact of the initiative.  The outcomes of this award will be to place children currently in orphanages in Moldova and Kenya into family based care environments, prevent children from entering orphanages, build individualized case plans for children in orphanages and redirect funds from orphanages toward reintegration and family and community services.


1999 • 2 years

To support a microcredit lending program in Rwanda and to support efforts for the social reintegration of families in Burundi.

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