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Access to Justice

Grants to Access to Justice

  • $250,000

    2013 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    APAPA, NIGERIA — The grant to Access to Justice seeks to deepen the achievements recorded under its previous grants aimed at promoting respect for the right to life through the revitalization of the coroner system. The grantee will file administrative complaints against law enforcement officials accused of extrajudicial killing, undertake civil actions to obtain redress for victims and their families, and pressure the government to prosecute the suspects. The grantee will also develop a network of legal services providers and publish and disseminate information on the issue through regular and social media.

  • $350,000

    2009 (Inactive Grant)

    MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions

    APAPA, NIGERIA — To develop a public-interest law program.

  • $400,000

    2006 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    APAPA, NIGERIA — In support of activities to strengthen the protection against extra-judicial killings through the revival and implementation of State Coroner laws and procedures in Nigeria (over three years).

  • $180,000

    2003 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    APAPA, NIGERIA — For a project to use state coroner laws and procedures as tools to address extralegal killings by the police and other groups (over two years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Access to Justice $1,180,000 between 1978 and 2017.

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