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"America to Me, Episode 2 Recap: Same Old OPRF"

Chicago Magazine
Related Grantee: Kartemquin Films
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"America to Me Tackles Race in New Ways"

The Atlantic
Related Grantee: Kartemquin Films
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MacArthur Awards 18 Documentary Film Grants

The documentaries address a range of important issues, including immigration, wrongful convictions, and the aftermath of genocide. Read More
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In the Game

In the Game follows the members of a girls soccer team at an under-resourced public school on the South Side of Chicago who each hope to attend college. The film will portray the experiences of team ... Read More
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Saving Mes Aynak

Saving Mes Aynak follows a team of international archaeologists racing to excavate the ancient Afghan city of Mes Aynak before a Chinese mining company destroys it to create an open-pit copper mine. Read More
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Cooked is a documentary by Judith Helfand and Kartemquin Educational Films that explores how and why communities in poverty are the most vulnerable in disaster situations. The film begins with the 1995 Chicago heat wave, when ... Read More
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Raising Bertie

Raising Bertie is a documentary film that examines the struggles of a technology-focused alternative high school in rural North Carolina founded by a local citizen, activist, and parent. The film follows the stories of three students ... Read More
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MacArthur Awards Nine Documentary Film Grants

Nine documentary films exploring a range of important issues are given grants totaling more than $1 million. Read More
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The Homestretch

There are more than 1.6 million homeless youth around the country and 17,000 in Chicago. Kartemquin’s film, The Homestretch, examines the incredibly challenging lives of homeless high school students. Directors Anna de Mare ... Read More
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The Interrupters

This MacArthur-supported film follows three violence interrupters, members of CeaseFire, who have credibility on the streets because of their own personal histories, as they try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they once employed. Read More

Copyright Decision Expands Access to Encrypted, Copyrighted Material

A network of fair-use advocates, including several MacArthur grantees, successfully petitioned the U.S. Copyright Office to grant more access to copyrighted and encrypted DVD content. Read More

The Interrupters

The Interrupters tells the moving and surprising stories of three Violence Interrupters who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they once employed. From acclaimed director Steve James and bestselling author Alex Kotlowitz, this ... Read More

“Learning, Knowing, and Serving: The MacArthur Foundation in Africa,” Remarks by Jonathan Fanton at the African Studies Association Annual Meeting

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton describes the Foundation's efforts to support knowledge for, in, from, and about Africa, efforts he argues are crucial to the positive growth of African institutions. Read More

“Building Institutions for Social Change: The Case for Buy-and-Hold Philanthropy,” Keynote Speech by Jonathan Fanton at the PRI Makers Network Conference

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton relays his passion for program-related investments and urges other foundations to join MacArthur in that area. Read More

"Vision, Will and Partnership: Charting a New Course for U.S. Housing Policy," Remarks by Jonathan Fanton at the Window of Opportunity National Policy Forum

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton discusses ways in which policy choices might help reduce the loss of affordable housing to zero by 2020. Read More

La Fundación MacArthur Anuncia A Los Ganadores Del 2007 Del Premio Para Instituciones Sin Ánimo De Lucro Creatvias Y Efectivas

Fiel a su tradición de motivar la creatividad y promover instituciones creativas para tratar de atender algunos de los problemas más apremiantes del mundo, la Fundación John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur anunció hoy Read More

MacArthur Foundation Announces 2007 Winners of Award for Creative and Effective Nonprofits

Continuing its tradition of encouraging creativity and building effective institutions to help address some of the world’s most challenging problems, MacArthur announced the eight award winners. Read More

Milking the Rhino

Milking the Rhino examines the deepening conflict between humans and animals in an ever-shrinking world. It is the first major documentary to explore wildlife conservation from the perspective of people who live with wild animals. Shot ... Read More
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"The New Americans" Documentary Film

This 7-part series highlights the diversity of contemporary immigrant experiences through the stories of several families and individuals from different countries seeking new lives in the United States. Read More

Terra Incognita: Exploring the World of Stem Cell Research

Because of its immense implications, the debate over stem cell research has become more heated and nuanced with recent scientific advances. With the passage—and veto—of federal and state legislation regarding this research, a variety ... Read More
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The New Americans

This 7-part series follows four years in the lives of a diverse group of contemporary immigrants and refugees as they journey to start new lives in America. Two Los Angeles Dodgers prospects from the Dominican Republic ... Read More

Hoop Dreams

First exhibited at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the audience award for best documentary, Kartemquin's Hoop Dreams is the remarkable true story of two American dreamers; an intimate reflection of contemporary American ... Read More
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