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The MacArthur Foundation in Russia: Report on Activities

Message From The President The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is a private foundation, headquartered in Chicago, which provides approximately $260 million in grants annually to universities, charitable and non-governmental organizations, and talented individuals ... Read More

"Peace through Justice," Introductory Remarks by Jonathan Fanton, Chicago Humanities Festival

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton celebrates the development of an international justice system and says that further success will rely on addressing situations in Darfur and Uganda as well as cases outside Africa. Read More

"Guiding Students Toward Global Citizenship," Remarks by Jonathan Fanton at the Council of Independent Colleges

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton argues for a need to "internationalize" higher education with initiatives like greater study abroad options and international internship opportunities. Read More

"Private Philanthropy and the Public Good" Remarks by Jonathan Fanton at the American Academy in Berlin's Stephen Kellen Lecture

MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton argues that foundations are at their best when promoting pluralism of thought and action through support for basic research and experimentation with various models of change. Read More