American Documentary, Inc. was awarded $18,850,000 between 1987 and 2017, including 20 grants in MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions and Journalism & Media.


2017 • 1 year, 6 months • Journalism & Media

American Documentary/POV (POV) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding, developing and presenting feature-length, short, and interactive documentaries, told from historically underrepresented perspectives. These documentaries reach diverse audiences via public television, digital streaming, community screenings, and social media. MacArthur funds support POV Digital to acquire and co-produce independently produced interactive digital nonfiction projects to distribute via POV’s website; to incubate new interactive projects by diverse makers through a series of POV Digital Labs; and to collaborate with journalism organizations to allow independent producers to create original multimedia work for news platforms. Intended outcomes are a series of thought-provoking documentaries and interactive projects, distributed widely to U.S. audiences, which will deepen public understanding of contemporary issues.


2015 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

American Documentary is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding, developing, and presenting feature-length, short, and interactive documentaries on public television, in community settings, and online. These documentaries enable viewers to explore the personal stories connected to complex contemporary social issues. One of the most established organizations curating, supporting, and showcasing independent documentaries free of charge to U.S. audiences, American Documentary has continually adapted to respond to the changing media ecosystem. Its documentaries reach diverse audiences across a series of platforms and initiatives.


2014 • 2 years • Journalism & Media

American Documentary, Inc., is a nonprofit organization that, for 27 years, has produced and presented the series POV (Point of View), the longest-running public television showcase for independently produced documentary films in the U.S. American Documentary/POV is building its capacity to help documentary filmmakers produce interactive, web-based documentaries, in collaboration with news organizations that are increasingly utilizing online video and interactive websites as part of their reporting. American Documentary/POV is a leader in experimenting with documentary video online, developing public television’s first program website in 1994, and its first interactive online storytelling project "POV’s Borders" in 2002. Since 2012, it has held a series of POV Hackathon Labs, weekend-long events that seed collaborations between filmmakers and technologists on nonfiction interactive digital prototypes - more than half of which to date have been successfully developed into full projects. American Documentary/POV will work with creative technologists, hybrid filmmaker-developers and leading journalistic outlets to develop, produce, and present a series of nonfiction interactive online projects. It will begin by expanding a current partnership with the New York Times.


2013 • 2 years • Journalism & Media

American Documentary, Inc. produces P.O.V., the award-winning, primetime, documentary film showcase on public television. P.O.V. presents intelligent, nuanced, and entertaining films on contemporary domestic and international social issues. Beyond broadcast, P.O.V. coordinates hundreds of public screenings and facilitates new media reinventions of its films to engage an even broader audience with the stories and issues presented in the films. This grant supports the production of P.O.V., and also a new documentary series, America Reframed, a collaboration of American Documentary and The World Channel.


2012 • 1 year • MacArthur Award for Creative & Effective Institutions

American Documentary, Inc. produces and broadcasts P.O.V. (Point of View), the longest-running documentary film series on television. Carried by PBS, P.O.V. presents high-quality, in-depth documentary programming on domestic and international current affairs and social issues. P.O.V. program staff provide editorial guidance and community engagement support to filmmakers, allowing them to take advantage of the latest technology to ensure that their stories reach the widest possible audience. This grant will be used to increase American Documentary’s cash reserve, allowing it to respond to film funding opportunities on a timely basis; and to complete infrastructure upgrades on its new offices.


2010 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

In support of P.O.V., a documentary series on public television (over three years).


2007 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

In support of P.O.V. (Point of View), a documentary series on public television (over three years).


2004 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

In support of "P.O.V." (Point of View), a documentary series for public television (over three years).


2004 • 1 year • Journalism & Media

In support of Active Voice, which designs and implements community outreach campaigns for documentary films.


2001 • 2 years, 11 months • Journalism & Media

To support the public television series "POV" (over three years).

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