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Enterprise Community Partners

Grants to Enterprise Community Partners

  • $500,000Active Strategy

    2015 (Duration 2 years)

    Impact Investments

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — To launch a user-friendly, online investment platform designed to increase the flow of capital to community development organizations across the United States (over two years).

  • $500,000Active Strategy

    2014 (Inactive Grant)


    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — Enterprise Community Partners works to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people by advocating for, investing in, and leveraging financial resources to create and preserve safe, healthy, affordable homes in thriving communities. This grant supports ECP to develop and launch a seven-year national call-to-action campaign to create and engage a broad-based constituency that will advocate for and raise new resources to help ensure that all families have a home that is affordable and promotes economic opportunity. ECP will staff, manage, and launch the campaign, including developing creative concepts and collateral material.

  • $197,084Active Strategy

    2012 (Inactive Grant)


    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — Energy efficiency improvements of affordable rental housing result in lower energy and water costs, reduced carbon emissions, and improved indoor living environments. Enterprise Community Partners is among the nation’s top ten financiers of affordable rental housing and has been actively working for nearly a decade to incorporate more environmentally-conscious practices into how that housing is built and managed. Enterprise will use this grant to investigate the feasibility of a new social venture dedicated to the delivery of high-quality energy efficiency services and products to the affordable rental housing sector.

  • $200,000Active Strategy

    2011 (Inactive Grant)


    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — To adopt the Energy Score Card for multifamily rental properties (over two years).

  • $2,250,000

    2001 (Inactive Grant)

    What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — To support the National Community Development Initiative (over three years).

  • $1,000,000Active Strategy

    1997 (Inactive Grant)

    Impact Investments

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — Program-related investment to promote low-income home ownership through below-market mortgage loans.

  • $1,500,000

    1996 (Inactive Grant)

    What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — To support the activities of community development corporations across the country (over four years).

  • $2,000,000

    1995 (Inactive Grant)

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — Program-related investment to support efforts to provide affordable housing to low-income people.

  • $750,000

    1993 (Inactive Grant)

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — In support of general operations (over three years).

  • $1,500,000Active Strategy

    1990 (Inactive Grant)

    Impact Investments

    COLUMBIA, MARYLAND — Program-related investment to support pre-development, acquisition, and other short-term loans for nonprofit housing development projects and the efforts of the Enterprise Foundation to address the housing needs of the poor in dozens of American cities.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Enterprise Community Partners $10,397,084 between 1983 and 2015.

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