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Global Press Institute

Washington, D.C.

Global Press Institute was awarded $1,450,000 between 2014 and 2015, including 2 grants in Journalism & Media.


2015 • 5 years • Journalism & Media

Global Press Institute (GPI) is a nonprofit international reporting organization that recruits, trains, and staffs local women to report from its 21 foreign news desks. While GPI publishes its own digital journal, its primary distribution method is through 168 syndication partners, from media outlets such as Reuters, PRI’s The World, Vox,, and Toronto Telegraph to nongovernmental organizations and educational institutions such as Human Rights Watch and the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. After nine years, it has demonstrated a viable and high-quality alternative to the high cost of sustaining foreign bureaus and proven that native reporters can and will tell stories that differ from news organizations that do not have deep understanding and access to a place and its people.


2014 • 2 years • Journalism & Media

The Global Press Institute is an international news organization that trains and employs women journalists in sixteen countries across the Global South to cover under-reported, globally-relevant local stories. The journalism ranges from investigative reports to feature stories and is disseminated through local and international news publishers. With a budget less than $1 million and an international staff of nearly 100 reporters and editors, Global Press Institute represents an efficient new model for international journalism. This grant provides general support.

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