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Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team

Grants to Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team

  • $300,000

    2017 (Duration 2 years)

    Human Rights

    BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team supports victims of human rights violations in judicial proceedings by providing solid analysis of forensic evidence and critical findings to tribunals, human rights organizations, and special commissions. Building on its experience with Mexican federal justice institutions, it draws attention to the gaps and opportunities for improving the justice system. The award contributes to efforts to establish an effective and independent National Prosecutor’s Office by developing policy recommendations for the creation of a forensics analysis agency that applies the highest technical standards and acts with autonomy.

  • $280,000

    2016 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — With offices in New York, Mexico and Buenos Aires, the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team has substantial expertise in forensic investigations of human rights abuses. The project contributes to effective criminal investigations by raising the standards for forensic work in Mexico. Through its independent forensic analysis and review of specific cases, the Argentine Team assesses the government’s methodologies and offers recommendations for improving policies and practices.

  • $250,000

    2013 (Inactive Grant)


    BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The Argentine Team of Forensic Anthropology will apply its expertise in forensic science to improve systems for creating a regional framework to locate missing migrants and identify remains in the migration corridor comprised of Central America, Mexico, and the United States. The grant supports strengthening of databanks in the region, as well as the development of mechanisms for better case documentation and government response to the increased number of missing migrants in the region.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team $830,000 between 1978 and 2018.

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