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Boston, Massachusetts

WGBH Educational Foundation was awarded $20,106,662 between 1985 and 2018, including 33 grants in International Peace & Security, Nuclear Challenges, and Journalism & Media.


2018 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

WGBH Educational Foundation is the single largest producer of television and web content for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). It houses WORLD Channel (WORLD), a full service broadcast and online channel featuring public television's signature nonfiction documentary, science and news programming, as well as original content from emerging nonfiction multimedia filmmakers. In seven years of operation, WORLD Channel's multicast platforms have become a premiere destination for first-run, independently produced documentary and news programming from around the world. WORLD distributes 100 new films each year through three broadcast series: America ReFramed, DocWORLD, and Local USA. This grant supports WORLD to establish direct co-production relationships with documentary filmmakers of color and filmmakers from rural regions, extend editorial support to these makers, and provide support for community engagement work to ensure these films are used to further local conversations about critical social issues. The outcome of this grant will be more nuanced and in-depth nonfiction multimedia stories by underrepresented storytellers reaching both broad and targeted audiences in the United States.


2016 • 1 year • Nuclear Challenges

As the most-watched history series on television, WGBH's American Experience has been capturing the public imagination since its debut two decades ago. This award helps to fund an impact campaign for American Experience: Command and Control, a documentary about the high-stakes and near misses in the history of the U.S. nuclear weapons program, which the Foundation also supported. The impact campaign consists of the film's theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles, including related editing and distribution costs, which qualifies it for major award consideration. The campaign also includes high-profile influencer screenings in the lead up to the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C.


2015 • 5 years • Journalism & Media

WGBH Educational Foundation is the single largest producer of television and web content for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Since 1983, WGBH Educational Foundation has produced and presented FRONTLINE, a weekly documentary journalism program that provides extensive, in-depth examinations of complex stories not typically found elsewhere on U.S. television. In addition to producing and broadcasting an average of 20 episodes during its regular season, FRONTLINE produces content year-round, on a daily basis, including shorter-form newsmagazine episodes distributed on its website, via podcast, social media, and YouTube. General operating support from the MacArthur Foundation allows FRONTLINE to make critical investments in a digital producing infrastructure that enhances its ability to report across a range of media, while also providing it with flexibility to respond quickly to opportunities and to investigate important issues as they arise.


2014 • 11 months • Journalism & Media

WGBH Educational Foundation will produce Command and Control, a documentary directed by Robert Kenner that explores the long-hidden accidents, near misses, technological breakthroughs, and extraordinary heroism connected to America's nuclear weapons program. Based on the book by Eric Schlosser, Command and Control reveals how the combination of technological complexity and human fallibility has repeatedly escalated the risk of nuclear disaster. The narrative will interweave the story of a 1980 accident at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas with key events, decisions, and policies over the past seventy years.


2012 • 3 years, 4 months • Journalism & Media

FRONTLINE is a PBS primetime news documentary series produced and presented by WGBH in Boston. For thirty years, FRONTLINE has provided in-depth and incisive reporting on major news stories as well as groundbreaking investigations of important under-reported issues. FRONTLINE is a core grantee in the media program's news and investigative reporting portfolio. The Foundation funds this set of television, radio, print and satellite news programs to preserve and strengthen journalism that is distinguished by its professionalism, high production values, and strictly noncommercial, nonpartisan, and educational mission. This grant supports FRONTLINE's television and digital content production activities.


2009 • 2 years • International Peace & Security

In support of FRONTLINE/World reporting on Asian security issues.


2007 • 4 years, 11 months • Journalism & Media

In support of the FRONTLINE and the FRONTLINE/World series, and the expansion of the series' digital and online capabilities (over five years).


2007 • 1 year • Journalism & Media

In support of FRONTLINE/World.


2005 • 2 years • Journalism & Media

In support of FRONTLINE/World (over two years).


2005 • 1 year • Journalism & Media

In support of "The New Asylums," a FRONTLINE documentary film about the challenges faced by a prison system dealing with large numbers of mentally ill inmates.

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