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Chicago Foundation for Women

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Foundation for Women was awarded $5,248,200 between 1987 and 2017, including 13 grants in Chicago Commitment.


2017 • 4 years • Chicago Commitment

The Chicago Foundation for Women increases resources and opportunities for women and girls in the Chicago area through grantmaking, leadership development, and public and grantee education. It serves as the central coordinating entity for individuals and institutions working to achieve gender equity in the Chicago metropolitan area. This institutional support award enables the Chicago Foundation for Women to seed its endowment and strengthen its fundraising, evaluation, and communications capacities.


2005 • 1 year

In support of the Eleanor Petersen Legacy Fund.


1996 • 2 years

To launch an endowment campaign (over two years).


1995 • 1 year

To support the participation of Chicago women in the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women.


1994 • 1 year

To support the capacity-building plan.


1994 • 5 years

To support the Women's Health Initiative (over five years).


1993 • 1 year

To support the Women's Leadership Development Initiative.


1993 • 1 year

To support research and planning activities designed to help increase the funding base and overall capacity.


1992 • 1 year

A technical assistance grant to support media training workshops and the planning and coordination of an issues forum for media and grantees in the Women's Health Initiative.


1991 • 1 year

To support the Women's Health Initiative (over three years).

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