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Development Research and Projects Centre

Kano, Nigeria

Development Research and Projects Centre was awarded $875,000 between 2012 and 2016, including 2 grants in Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries.


2016 • 3 years • Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

The development Research and Projects Centre (The Centre) is a Kano based nonprofit established in 1994 to catalyze change in Northern Nigeria. Previous Foundation support to The Centre was focused on (1) implementation of new government curriculum in girls’ secondary schools in Jigawa and Kano States; and (2) increasing state education officials’ knowledge regarding the implementation of new trade and craft subjects added to Nigeria’s secondary school curricula. This second award assists the Centre to improve and scale, the implementation of trade and craft subjects by strengthening the capacity of key education institutions and agencies in the state to mainstream life-skills and economic empowerment into state policies and programs. The Centre provides technical assistance and mentoring to selected officials in the Ministries of Education, Kano Educational Resource Department, Jigawa Educational Resource Department, and Community Education Resource Centre. Additionally, the award supports the implementation of school-based clubs for secondary school girls who are unable to proceed to higher education. These projects are focused on expanding life opportunities for marginalized secondary school girls who have been failed by poor quality education in the public secondary school system.


2012 • 3 years, 7 months • Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

The Development Research and Projects Centre, established in 1994, is a Kano-based NGO working to catalyze change within northern Nigeria. Its project aims to contribute to improved quality of education, retention, transition and completion rates and equip girls’ with skills that enable them to enter and succeed in the labor market. The project is expected to improve education outcomes and life and labor skills for at least 3,600 girls in Nigeria.

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