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University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

University of California, Los Angeles was awarded $2,143,180 between 1982 and 2012, including 14 grants in International Peace & Security and Community & Economic Development.


2012 • 2 years • Community & Economic Development

The Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity is a University of California, Los Angeles-based organization that undertakes analyses and provides technical advice to improve law enforcement. In a collaboration with Foundation-funded researchers at Northwestern University who are undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of major reforms in the Chicago Police Department, the Consortium will examine one aspect of this broader reform effort--whether police reform results in changes in police officers’ treatment of citizens and whether improved police-minority community relations result.


2003 • 4 years

In support of the Network on Youth Mental Health Care (over four years).


2002 • 2 years

To analyze the treatment of depression in disadvantaged populations (over two years).


2001 • 1 year, 6 months

To increase the use of scientifically validated psychological and pharmacological treatments for children and adolescents.


1990 • 1 year • International Peace & Security

To support the conference "Democratization in Central/Eastern Europe and Latin America: Political Practice and Regime Transitions."


1989 • 1 year

To publish the book "Chemical Dependence," by Murray Jarvik.


1989 • 1 year

To publish the book "Stress," by Herbert Weiner.


1986 • 1 year, 1 month

To support participation in the Network on the Determinants and Consequences of Health-Promoting and Health-Damaging Behavior.


1984 • 1 year

To support a prototype shared database for psychophysiological research.


1984 • 1 year

To support the project Determinants of Nicotine-Seeking Behavior: Stress and Nicotine Levels (over two years).

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