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California Housing Partnership Corporation

Grants to California Housing Partnership Corporation

  • $400,000

    2012 (Inactive Grant)


    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — The California Housing Partnership Corporation helps nonprofits and local governments create, acquire and preserve housing affordable through financial consulting, technical assistance and policy research. As a result of to regulatory barriers and thin operating margins, affordable rental housing has not been able to finance comprehensive energy efficiency improvements. A promising solution to address these obstacles involves binding lenders, property owners and utilities through repayment programs administered through a utility bill. The Corporation will use this grant to help develop, implement and test an on-bill repayment program to serve the multifamily sector across California.

  • $100,000

    2002 (Inactive Grant)


    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — To develop financing tools to preserve affordable rental housing (over two years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded California Housing Partnership Corporation $500,000 between 1978 and 2018.

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