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INDEM Foundation

Moscow, Russia

INDEM Foundation was awarded $460,000 between 2005 and 2012, including 2 grants in Human Rights.


2012 • 3 years, 11 months • Human Rights

The three-year grant to the Regional Public Foundation Information for Democracy (INDEM) will promote access to information about the justice system in Russia. The project will advance government transparency and access to information about the justice system in Russia through assessing and publicizing the attitudes of key groups on justice-related issues (in particular judges, public officials, and the general public). The project will generate debate in Russian media and society on access to information about the justice system in Russia, the current state of access to justice, and possible paths to reform. Through a dedicated website, the project will provide targeted information about access to justice to enable the media, lawyers, and the public to achieve greater access to information and to make more effective use of justice institutions. The proposed grantee, INDEM, is one of Russia’s leading think tanks on the issues of judicial reform and corruption. INDEM was founded in 1990 with a mission to promote the development of public institutions in Russia through research and implementation of practical projects. Foundation dollars will primarily be spent on salaries, seminars, publications, and administrative costs. The project will advance Foundation strategy by promoting access to information and media rights in Russia.


2005 • 3 years, 10 months • Human Rights

In support of activities to promote the humanization of the police force (over two years).

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