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Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center

Grants to Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center

  • $300,000

    2012 (Inactive Grant)

    Human Rights

    MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The three-year grant of $300,000 to the Andrei Sakharov Museum & Public Center will support a project to promote the Internet in Russia as a medium for freedom of speech through online broadcasting. The Center is one of the most vibrant arenas for public discussion in the Russian capital. It was established in 1996 to preserve the memory of the tens of millions of victims of political repression under the Soviet regime and contribute to the establishment of democratic values in Russia as advocated and exemplified by Andrei Sakharov. The project will strengthen the capacity of the Sakharov Center as an online broadcaster, providing broadcasts of both offline events and web-based original materials, to develop in-depth discussion of issues of public concern free of censorship and using interactive formats. Foundation dollars will be spent primarily on salaries and Internet-related costs.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center $300,000 between 1978 and 2017.